100 Prospect Street
E. Bridgewater, MA 02333
Phone: (508) 378-3838
FAX: (508) 378-3880

Frequently Asked Questions

Do East Bridgewater residents get preference for housing?
Yes, for both our 667 elderly/disabled program and our 705 family program.
How long is the wait for public housing?
That can depend on many things, such as whether the applicant receives a priority or preference. Someone who is granted emergency status will go ahead of a standard applicant. A local or veteran will go ahead of someone without the priority. When someone submits a completed application, they are sent a letter of eligibility/ineligibility and an estimated time of placement.
What are the qualifications for housing?
For all programs there are income limits. In addition, all applicants must pass CORI.
What if an applicant is found ineligible because of appropriate unit size?
East Bridgewater family units are all 3 bedrooms. Under 760 CMR 5.00,(a) Household members of the opposite sex, excepting husband and wife (or those in a similar living arrangement), do not have to share a bedroom, provided that children of the opposite sex under the age of eight shall share a bedroom and provided that other household members of the opposite sex may elect to share a bedroom.